Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung - Teaching videos

LUMALENSCAPE was commissioned by the Federal Institute to produce 33 instructional films that are used within the training of medical assistants. The situations represent their everyday life and the many different interpersonal challenges that have to be mastered.


Executive Producer:

Alexander Tanz

Production Manager:

Annett Goldmann

Production Assistance:

Ana Bodeutsch


Sebastian Stoer

Assistant director:

Tino Kurze


Stefan Hannig

1st AC:

Leo Kätzel

2nd AC:

Torben Trommer

lighting technician:

Christoph Bockisch

Stephan Lau

Sound Engineer:

Sebi Löffler

Make-up Artist:

Katha Kraft

Irene Reinhardt

Production Design:

Raphael Hahn


Juno Casting UG


Leon Babucke

Color Grading:

Stefan Hannig